Cinta, Rindu.
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Assalamualaikum, hye :) 

Today, I feel a little bit sad. Not the full day but, just a few minute past I hear Michael Jakcson - You are not alone. Suddenly I feel so sad, and at the same time I think about my ex, Adib Huzaimy :) haha, certain people may know him, and certain may not. I really-really miss him and I just cry about him. 

He is my best boyfriend I ever had, he always support me and always teach me for new things. Even, I'm older than him, I don't care, because he love me more that I love him. Cause when we fight who love who so much, he always win and sometimes I cry because at that time he say romance word to me. 

Now I do not know how the way he was. Because, a month I did not text or call him. I am busy. Hmm, maybe he have a new girlfriend right? Its ok, for your happiness I will survive. I just wondering remember he was at me? haha, myabe not :') 
Adib, I just wanna say that I miss you and I still like you :) maybe we can be a friend or bestfriend. I'm totally miss you a lot dear :)
I miss you a lot, miss you make me laugh, make me cry, make me mad, all I miss. Totally miss a lot :/ 
I hope you read it

Lots of  love,